Customization template script errors

Hello! It’s my very first time trying to code a story and I have a few problems with my customization templates.

I have two Main Characters and I want readers to be able to customize them both at the same time (the “who do you want to customize first?” narrator saying).

My script begining looks like this

And that’s when I met the problem: errors saying “the label fem_custom1 does not exist” (the same for fem_custom2) and “the label goto after_template does not exist”.

I typed them in accordingly as I saw in other topics so I’m not sure what I did wrong.

Can somebody please help me fix this? *this is also my first time posting a topic so if i made any mistakes please let me know.

Your goto label doesn’t match for Zara

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If I see correctly, you use for your label fem_custom_1 but for your goto you’re using female_custom_1.
You have to make sure you’re using the exact same names.
Same goes for custom 2…

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LOL i saw that right after posting the topic :"))) thank you both!

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