Dara's Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

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Hii @Dara.Amarie can u input these names on the cc please (full cc)


i know you have multiple character customization, but do you have multiple hair and lip cutomization templates? I wanted the charcter to be able to change hair and lip twice in one episode, but because there is only the one template, i always gices the duplicated labels errors message.

thanks : :two_hearts:

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thanks girl!

Can you help me with a template for female limelight

Hey @Dara.Amarie , Can you please help me with what should I write in my script for limited customization template for limelight female character (MC) and limelight male character (LI) ?

Details of female limelight character (MC)
:heart: No Body type
:heart: No Skin tone
:heart: No Hair colour
:heart: No Eyes shape
:heart: No Eye colour
:heart: Hairstyles :-
:black_small_square:Long straight loose solid
:black_small_square:Long straight loose bangs sideswept solid
:black_small_square:Long straight loose bangs blunt solid
:black_small_square:Long high ponytail
:heart: Nose shapes :-
:black_small_square:Defined natural
:black_small_square:Grecian soft
:black_small_square:Round broad
:black_small_square:Round button
:black_small_square:Round button upturned
:black_small_square:Round downturned
:black_small_square:Pointed downturned
:heart: Lips shape :-
:black_small_square:Full heart pouty
:black_small_square:Full round pouty
:black_small_square:Full round flat top skin
:black_small_square:Full wide
:black_small_square:Small heart
:black_small_square:Medium heart natural
:black_small_square:Thin heart
:black_small_square:Medium thin
:heart: Face shapes :-
:black_small_square:Diamond defined contour
:black_small_square:Diamond long
:black_small_square:Heart defined
:black_small_square:Heart soft
:black_small_square:Square defined
:heart: No Eyebrow colour
:heart: Eyebrow shapes :-

Who do I credit this code to? Anyone know? I was never able to find out :frowning:

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Templates are updated with

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I love your template but I’m having issues concerning remembering the choices in the next episode using the if/else method… Could you provide a sample of how it would look like?

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Templates have been updated!


Alll Female Limelight templates are updated.


Hi, the template is working mostly fine. There is one error though. The ERROR box says
“Expected CHARACTER or SCENE change. Found “Eden changes eyebrows into Arched Natural” instead. Did you forget to CAPITALIZE the name or close the () around the animation?”
I don’t know how to fix this, please help.

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Do you have the ‘@’ before the character name?


ahh that was the problem. thanks

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All templates are now updated with the new hairstyles!