Deep brain teasers! 🧠

Ok so I have a few deep questions for you people to answer!
Answer them by coordinating the question letter to your answer letter.

A) So if you cut a hole threw the earth( and there wasn’t magma in the middle) and then jumped in it, would you get stuck in the middle from gravity pushing on both sides? What do you think?

B) is butter a carb? (Mean girls)

C) if you ate yourself would you become bigger or disappear?

D) How will the world end?

E) Will the sun ever run out of light? Explain.

F) Is sand called sand because it’s between the sea and the land?

G) if soap drops on the floor, is the floor clean or is the soap dirty?

H) You have 10 white socks and 10 black socks in your drawer. It’s pitch blacks and you can’t see. You don’t care which color socks you get you just want a matching pair. How many socks do you need to have to get a matching pair?

Answer to H

3. No matter what if you grab three socks you will have a matching pair!

I) Who’s bigger? Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, or baby bigger?

Answer to I

baby bigger because he is a “little bigger”

J) Why are pizza boxes squar when the pizza is round?

K) Why isn’t E a letter grade? It goes A,B,C,D,(skip E),F

L) Why is called a “drive through” when you have to stop?

M) If you stole a pen from the bank, is that considered bank robbery?

N) in France in French kissing just called kissing

O) Why is it that our nose runs and our feet smell?

P) Why is it that rain drops and snow falls?

Ok I’m done now. I hope you enjoyed these brain teasers! Some of them I made up. Leave your answers below!


A) maybe cause the core is a huge magnet plus theres gravity so yea
B) yes
C) dissappearing because ur slow eating urself away
D) People themselves
E) No, but it will eventually explode. All stars die eventually
F) I have no clue but that would be kinda cool
G) soaps dirty cause u need water to, to clean

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A.) Yes!
B.) actually it is no lie.
C.) you’d disappear honestly because you ate yourself.
D.) God coming back and the world will go into trials and tribulations. (That’s a whole other convo)
E.) No it’s the sun it’s his job to be the most forever going light.
F.) No it’s because sea and land likes each other and that’s it’s ship name.
G.) The soap is dirty because it fell on the nasty floor and things touching soap won’t just make it clean like no one can throw soap at me and I say I’m clean.

Hope you make more :joy:



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Omg lol :laughing:


:rofl: ikr I’m too happy!


And I do know that it is predicted that the sun will shine only for another 5 billion years

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Well damn…I was wrong he’s bad at his job :joy:

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I love these kinds of questions.



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But my friends hate it when I ask them!

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Ooooffffff @NelidaU is typing for awhile


A. No, because Earth gravity isn’t the only gravity, so there’d be leeway enough to escape the center…assuming you don’t die…lol

B. I think butter has carbs?

C. Disappear

D. Sun implosion

E. She doesn’t run out of light, she’s just going to explode and then her celestial debris will create other bodies and her light will live on through them.

F. Lol, probably not.

G. Neither

H. 2? (After seeing it is three, I’m certain I don’t get the question XD)

I. Mr. Bigger, because man (LOL, a little bigger. Nice)

J. Box shapes are square. They’re flat before folded for easier delivery and storage. If we had round boxes, they’d take up more room because they wouldn’t be as easy to fold into shape as a flat box, so they just wouldn’t be flat if they were round, but rather a full box shape pre-delivery. My uncle owns like half the Domino’s pizzas in Fort Worth (< LOL! That’s why I was typing so long)

K. Great question. LOL, I don’t know.

L. Because even if you go through something, you may still need to pause. Maybe?

M. Lol, technically

N. I don’t think so. Kissing is lip contact. “French” kissing is…tongue contact. Is French toast just toast in France? …>.>


P. Have you ever heard of a snowdrop before?

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I.) Mr. Bigger
J.) because some people don’t like logic.
K.) They use to have it as a E grade but realized if your failing you don’t need three bars.
L.) because you’re in a car
M.) Nah because they want you to take those ugly pens.
N.) Nah it’s called French kissing because they’re extra.
O.) Because secretly our nose is suppose to be called feet and our feet, nose.
P.) rain hits the ground faster


Loving these Answers

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I thought gravity pull was from the center of the earth?


A) Yes most likely!
B) I belive so
C) You’d disapear because you’d digeste yourself and eventually disapear… I think
D) Umm… From me taking over! :joy:
E) No he will give light forever! Or atleast until he explodes… :joy:
F) omg! It proabably is! Sea + land = sand
G) The soap will be dirty because it touched the dirty floor and you need something like water to clean it as well.
H) 3…?
I) Me! :joy: idk… Uh Baby bigger because I think he’d be a cute baby! I honestly got no clue…
J) Because you need space to let your pizza breathe because no one wants to eat a dead pizza… :joy:
K) Where I’m from it is and there is no F.
L) Because you end up driving through whether or not you stop. You don’t walk though it do you! :joy:
M) Yes because you still robbed the bank!
N) No it will be called whatever it translate to in french.
O) Omg! :joy:
P)Because they do what they like!

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That what I mean is all pulls toward the center of the earth

So you mean like we get stuck in the center of the earth?

sorry lol im confused

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