Digital Art Scenes Needed

Digital Art needed!


Can you please give more details?

I Need A Digital artist to help me with art scenes for “The Young Actress”.


I know but like what is happening in the scene? What is the style?

The first scene is Felix knelt down to the floor with Emma in his arms after her suicide attempt. (He ends up calling an ambulance) Emma has tears in her barely open eyes, The first time, it’s in Ink. Second time, it’s in Limelight.

Hello! I am not personally interested in making any art, but I wasn’t sure if anyone pointed out to you yet. Your story (or this part of the story) does not follow the episode guidelines (because it is so detailed and because of What the art scene would contain) and therefore may be removed because of it. If you would like to read more about the guidelines, I will make sure to leave a link!

Other than that! If you haven’t already found an artist I would be happy to @ some!!

Let me guess, the pills?

Overall just how descriptive it seems that you are making the overall topic. It is very important to spread awareness about, but it may not be allowed because it could be triggering to some people who have gone through something like that.

So, how should I go about it?

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I would maybe suggest making a new topic. To ask options as of how to go about it, because I personally have never done anything of that sort. So it may be best to ask the community to see if someone who it could be triggering to could give you some advice or a way to go about the topic :slightly_smiling_face:.

Maybe, I just change the way the Art Scene needs to look?

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Yes that could work! And making sure that you are not discribing her state that much.

Best of luck with your story!!!

Thank you! Hey, maybe you could help me. I’m new to the “Art Scene” thing. How would I make an art scene about this without going against the guidelines?

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It seems that you are allowed to have a little blood if that is what you want in the scene, you can have them laying on the floor and her crying and stuff. I believe as long as you don’t have the pill bottle (and don’t go into to much detail in the story) your story should be fine!!

  1. Felix is knelt down on the floor, Emma’s head on his lap, with tears dripping from her weak eyes
  2. Felix knelt down to the floor with Emma in his arms after her suicide attempt. Emma has tears in her barely open eyes

Which one would be better?

The first one would be better if you don’t have a trigger warning in the beginning of your story, the second one if you do have a trigger warning at the beginning of your story. :grin: (i prefer the second one because it really helps to explain what the MC is going through without going into detail, but it would only be allowed if you included a trigger warning)


I like the second one better too! I’ll make sure to add a trigger warning to Chapter 15! (Where the art scene takes place) What should the trigger warning say? Also could you @ me a artisit?

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Just an overview of what that chapter contains

For example : “WARNING! This chapter contains the concept of suicide (and whatever else you believe should be in the trigger warning) please take caution” or “WARNING!! This chapter contains topics such as suicide, if these may be triggering please do not continue”

Thank you!

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