Disappearing Character

I’m having trouble. My character is lying in bed - the sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop and then she hears the text message sound, but between these two things she just disappears for a second and I can’t figure out why. It’s in the teen sister’s bedroom and in limelight btw. Thanks to anyone who can help.

If she disappears only for a second, then I think there’s something in your code between the two animations, and you’ll just have to adjust the spot directing earlier. Can you share the script?

Yes, I can share it. Thank you so much.

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So I’m guessing this happens when you add the idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop animation, right? You’ll have to change the spot directing here, because with this animation the character faces the other way.

Omg!! Thank you so much. It worked!!!

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No problem :blush: