Do anyone know what happen episode.cyberpunk

So I followed her on Instagram but her profile is closed now. it properly has been in some time.

I am just curious.

she made some really amazing backgrounds.

edit looked at more of the ones I havent seen in a long time . lonewolfe is gone too


Cyberpunk was lonewolfe.
There was some stuff going around that she was a bully and threatened a lot of people in the community so she got banned and deleted her accounts.


wait they are same person. I has them as two diffrent folders.

That I am sad to hear that is the reason.

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Well I thought they were different people too, till I realised they have the same backgrounds so yeah


cyberpunk and lonewolfe are the same person. and she did’t bully ANYONE, and threatened people, they always saying mean stuff about her and she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Look how well she made backgrounds for the community, and look how she’s treated ticked me off, all of her stuff, WASTED, GONE.

I talked about this before when I said that a background editor was not coming back because of how she was treated and that was her.

I wish she would just ignore them or just block them instead of saying something back.

I miss her…I really do…

there was this drama going on, and I didn’t even know about on Instagram. Well, it’s over and done with…sigh…


Now I know some of her backgrounds are still on, so that’s just some of her work still there. :woman_shrugging:

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Okay thanks for sharing that.

cyber bullying is wrong. I dont know what happen. but I do remember you talking about this.

I dont know what I would think is worst her been bullied or her been a bully,

  1. I don’t get people who like to hurt people’s feelings, honestly, I really don’t.

(This is just a story, but not what happened in the drama on Instagram, this is a different story.) :point_down:

  1. Now this was from last year I think, someone shared one of her bgs that shouldn’t be redistributed in an art thread by that same persons, and lonewolf made it very clear not to share her stuff, and this person comes right in talking crap, and lonewolfe said nothing hurtful, or negative back at the person who said this and that. All Lonewolfe did was to tell the person to remove her bg, that is it.

So, did you see her being a bully at all? No, lonewolfe isn’t like that. She make things very clear, she has rules on using her bgs, since last year, or whenever she started making bgs, but now. Not anymore…


I would say it’s her being bullied.

That I ofcourse agree is sad. been bullied suck

I have not seen her been a bully I have also not seen her been bullied.I just recently begin to use Instagram even though I had a profile for years.


Exactly, look how she replies to post, or comments. Never have I ever seen her talking negative about/ to someone.

When I first spoke to her, this was when I was using someones bg and that was her friend bg.

So I apologized and we still talk, she was shocked that people would just get angry when she talks to ppl saying this and that, that “have to look at their terms of use”, etc.

For me, I didn’t get angry at all, I agree and I understand her completely. So we became friends, and I always check up on her. I’m different, so I can say for myself, that she’s not a bully.

She always made things clear about using someone’s bg, being careful about using copyrighted stuff, she directed me to, etc

Listen, Lonewolfe, is AMAZING. SHE’S AMAZING. Before you have something negative to say about someone, U NEED TO GET TO KNOW THEM FIRST.

For me, I got to know her, had nothing negative to say about her, she’s so much more than that.


Lonewolfe is amazing and im glad i got to know her. I know she’s been through a lot and had to keep changing her usernames so people who were bullying her wouldn’t find her. We talked before and she was really sweet.


Exactly, see? My sis knows her very well! Listen, we got her back even if she left the community, we will always have her back! :+1::heart::heart_eyes::100::raised_hands::muscle:


But boy, when she saw me using her friend bg, SHE WAS PISSED AS HELL! XDDDD :rofl:

but…were all good. :sunglasses:

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her what?

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her friend background. XD

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