Do you want to become my partner in coding , spot directing and ect?



First of all hello sunshines :sun_with_face:
Now , I need someone to help me to become a partner but…
I don’t need them to help me write the story because I already know my story and I don’t want other people to tell me ideas about my story. I want to write it all by myself. But I’m new and I have a lot but a lot of problems with uhm can I call it coding? Because it’s not actually coding but something else .:grinning::nerd_face::nerd_face:
So is anybody who can “code” but not write the story, or what characters will say, plot ect?
I know this sounds kinda selfish and I’m sorry about it .:unamused:
So my partner will not win any money :frowning: but will be my partner and I will share my story with them . Sorry if you’re not interesed or just don’t care about all this.
And another thing! Sadly I will start with my story in summer or lets say in June . :thinking::thinking::roll_eyes: Please consider it.


I’d be totally willing to help with the coding. Message me when you start your story!


It means a lot to me, thanks very very much! :sparkles::sparkles::sun_with_face:
I will tell you.
Thanks again.


Call it directing/ coding.

And btw it’s etc not ect


Thanks :smiley: m-d .


I’d love too! Do tell if you need anymore help☀️


Thanks, I appreciate it a lot. I will tell you when I’ll start. :sunny:




Hello! I was wondering if you’re interested in becoming my partner for directing? Please hmu!


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