Does anyone else have an author title sequence?

Does anyone else have this? I think it’s a really cool idea. Kinda like the title sequences for studios at the beginning of movies but instead its for you the author, For all your original stories. I’ve seen authors make title sequences for THEIR specific story but I haven’t really seen them do it for themselves, as an author acorss all their stories.

Anyway here’s mine. I just thought It’d be something cool to add to your story too. You can press the preview canva link to see the full thing coding and all!


Omg, that’s so cool :star_struck:


Thank you! x

I love that!! :open_mouth::open_mouth: I definitely want to make one now :joy_cat:

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This looks awesome!!

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Wait, I actually love this! I’m kind of tempted to add my own to my WIPs.

I like that this makes the story feel a bit more personal to the author, while not directing too much attention away from the story. Just a few seconds, and bam! Right into the story. : D

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