Does anyone want an art scene (CLOSED, "winner" picked)

Hey I’m bored and I feel generous so I’ll make ONE art scene or cover or anything for free, write what you want and I’ll pick the description I like the most <333

Max 3 characters please <3
And please include as much details as possible, makes it easier for me to make a decision <3

Here are some examples :woman_shrugging:t2:


Lol the last pic was too big so had to take a screenshot from a story :woman_facepalming:t2:


I don’t want an art scene, but I’d take a profile picture :joy::joy:

Yeah that’s fine!

You are so talented!!!

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But if it’s just artscenes then let someone else have it :slight_smile:

Okay! Shall I give you my episode details?

Thank you <33

Yes, and please come up w some cool pose or something :sunglasses:
I’d like to make something sick hah


just gonna look on Pinterest for a pose :wink::wink:

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Would you be able to do me an art scene please p?xx

Oh, and is the max one person?

Like I said, I’ll do one art scene for one person, if I like your suggestion I might do it!

Okaysss xx

No it can be tops 3 characters

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I’d love an art scene. My story is almost published so yay. The description has been erased like 12 times :joy:

Leilani Flare was abandoned by all the other fire elements. She lives in a sick world. Human and element constantly fighting trying to hurt each other. She’s not trying to fix the situation. She’s the root of the problem.

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Omg those are amazing!!

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Sounds really cool, what do you have in mind for the art scene? <3

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Thank you!!

I’m thinking maybe her sitting on a roof of a building like literally on the edge. She’s looking down over the city and she’s got a scar on her eye. I have the lamest descriptions :joy:

This was the scene where she spots the love interest and the scar happened a few years back before her parents died.

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