Does CC really matter?

My future mc is black but cc would be on now that I figured it out lol :wink:

Ur trying to bait me annnnd its working x3 when its done id like details pls n.n

Unless you’re using advanced overlays or have a super specific reason to limit CC, my personal opinion is to include it! I think it’s hard for authors to part with their vision of characters but for readers, if they feel the same they can keep it as the author intended, or choose to connect to the character by customizing! And like others have mentioned, Dara’s templates are amazing and make it easy!

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Dara’s website is a godsend and includes limited options (such as no hair/eye color), which is helpful if your character is a certain race/ethnicity. (My MC is an extraterrestrial, for instance, so their customization is limited.)

I’ll read a story with limited/no CC if it’s good! I’ll even read a story without choices if I enjoy it!


Me too.


Most of the times I feel like the original character look made by the author is more authentic and matching with their characters at the same time sometimes I hate a specific feature about them and I want to fix it to match my personal taste​:sweat_smile: especially if its the LI like how can I love him with that wounded eyebrow not my thing!:joy: