Does Episode approve backgrounds Friday nights?

Does Episode approve them Friday nights? I’m in EST if that helps answer the question lol, so I’m three hours ahead from where they’re based. I know they do on Fridays just don’t know about Friday nights since they don’t approve them on weekends. I had uploaded a background three days ago around this time(it’s 11:22 p.m.).

Not necessarily.

Episode will take between 2hours-2weeks to review a background, cover, or overlay.
Most of the time, when updates return January 14th, Episode will finalize a review on Thursdays, but that’s not always the case. I’ve had instances when something will be reviewed within the next 2 hours on a Monday night. However, there are some times when I’ve had to wait about a week and a half (till a Wednesday) for something to be reviewed.

Dang, I’ve never had to wait for two weeks long. That’s quite a while. :sweat_smile: Thanks for informing me!

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It’s not common, but usually occurs more with covers and such

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Considering I just had 14 approved I’m going to say yes!

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