Edit, Art cover, for Free (improved skills)


Hello, episodinans,
It’s another new topic, I was an new handed editor! It’s free for now but As days past It was closed somehow sorry, but I will try my best to do your edits, art cover as soon as I can. If you need an Example here it is, it’s my first edit:-


More edits done by me:-


All the arts above has been taken. Request if u need. I also added @Andreea.Corcos for support me by saying that one day you can do more better.

And please credit me on the story if you requested for an art cover. Thanks! :blush:



You should join my team/family your art is the bomb


Nice work but her face look a little bit to strange…:confused:


Umm…I think I will change, It’s my first edit actually!


Well, congratulations!! :wink:


Do u need any edit, art cover or anything?


No, thanks! :wink: I can make by myself.
BTW here are some examples of mine if you need some inspiration…




Wow, I don’t know u are an editor. Well, those are awesome!


thanks, one day you are gonna do some better :wink::wink:




Your arts are amazing! :slight_smile:


Yes, her arts are awesome!


You need to request,don’t stole my arts above because they are for show! Don’t worry If u need same, I will do same!:blush:

Can anyone make art scenes/Covers for my story
I need a Small cover for my story