Episode-related instagram accounts - necessity?


Hey guys.
I was wondering if you find it necessary to have an Episode related instagram account if you’re an author?
In almost every story I read, the author has an instagram account where you can follow sneak peaks, updates etc., but I just don’t know if I find it necessary. I’ve thought about the idea of making an instagram account for Episode, but as it is right now, I just use my personal account to follow Episode authors/editors as I only follow 2-3, anyway.

But what do you guys think? If you like a story, would you like the author to have an instagram account to post updates etc.?



I personally don’t think it is that necessary unless you have a really high demand for sneak peaks and updates in your story. I don’t have one and probably won’t get one just for episode. This is just my opinion I am sure others may think differently.


It’s not necessary, but in my experience, having social media and posting sneak peaks and updates is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your readers and to gain more readers.


Not a necessity, but I have one to just post for any followers and so that I can follow the people that I really like storys. Makes it easier then try to go through 100 some on post to find up date about a story. Just my opinion!


Not needed but I do! It is so nice to interact with your readers/followers.


It’s not necessary, but having one that you’re active on has a number of benefits: readers can learn more about the author and you will gain more readers. If you will be inactive on the account except for chapter release posts, however, making an Instagram will be pointless.


I don’t think it’s necessary, especially with the social feed that’s rolling out however, I do think that Instagram is a great tool to keep up to date with your readers and also to feel more involved in the community.
I personally use it to post when I update my stories and I notice a spike in reads when I do this. If I didn’t have Instagram, I don’t think readers would be as easily aware that I updated.


I’m really happy to hear this! How great that your instagram updates keep up your reads :smiley:

When you first created your instagram account for Episode related stuff, did you do it immediately - like before you even published a story or did you wait until you had a feeling whether it’d actually be useful to have an instagram account?


As a new author I created an instragram to better engage with readers and other people in the community. I also follow a lot of people in the community and I like to keep episode related stuff separated from my personal account. In general I feel like it’s easier to stay in the loop too with insta vs the forum for example.


I’m pretty sure I set it up just around the time I published my first story (last year in January). At the beginning, nearly all my followers were follow-for-follows. It wasn’t until April when my stories took off (and as a result, so did my IG). Still, even though no one was really reading my story at the start, it was nice to have an account to feel involved in the community. I don’t like using my personal for that. A lot of non-writers have Episode accounts just to keep up with their favourite authors and post screenshots.


Sounds great, it definitely makes me want to re-consider having an Episode instagram account. Thanks for your answer! <3