Expanding my vocab

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me expand my vocab for my new story, also help with starting sentences too.


I recommend the website “lose the very” it should come up if u google it :). if you’re stuck and know what you want to say but need a better word- this website should do the trick!
also, what do you mean by starting sentences?


Grammerly can be useful to some people (I personally haven’t tried it though) and you can also use digital dictionaries or google for words to add. It also helps to look up synonyms of words that you want to use but don’t want to repeat all of the time.
You can expand your vocabulary from taking notes from other works too like other stories or movies etc whenever you see a word or phrase that you’d like to use or haven’t seen/heard of before and then look it up.

Hope this helps!

Also, if you’re not confident with your writing or you just want some feedback then I recommend you have your story/script looked at by proofreaders. (:


I use prowritingaid for grammar, it also checks tense, passive vs active verbs, gives suggestions for a stronger descriptor and replaces overused words. It’s not infallible but it works well for me!

As for vocabulary — the best way to expand it is to read more! I suggest reading works that have been traditionally published or a site that has a more experienced user base.

And there are plenty of people that offer to look over stories/passages for free! If you need any advice on a story starter lmk and I’d be happy to offer my opinion!