Facts About You Thread


Uh…not sure if these are “fun” but

  1. Despite how it appears on the forums im quite shy and introverted
  2. I have a sarcastic/morbid humor
  3. I’m blunt
  4. I like blue and black


Brooooooo your humor sounds just like mine!!!


Fun fact:
I’m that kind of person that goes to sleep at 3 am and wakes up at 7 am.


Fun fact :


Heyo my name is Noah and I am better then you in every single way. :wink: jk i suck


fun fact
humans need to eat because- i forgot
im the best biology teacher ever.


Ha, so true! :joy:


Fun Fact about moi is…
I’ve never, in all my forums life, won a single outline contest
And… I can probably see why


I’m glad you agree :merman:


That’s true :joy:


About me: My name is Leslie and i am short. I have no pets bc they find ways to runaway(even though i nice to them :roll_eyes:). People call me Les for short.