Faintest's Free Splashes and Menu Overlays for Intros and Outros!

Hello, Faintest here. So, here’s the new thread for my free pre-made splashes and menu buttons (I sorta let the last one…close on accident ahem :melting_face:). I apologize it took so long to get this back up, I’ve been working on a lot, especially my stories.

However, I can take requests here and there, just ask!


If you do make a request and I accept, it will be shared here for everyone to use. Otherwise, I do commissions, too, and that would be the way to go for super personalized buttons and overlays (or any other art or custom background for your story, you can find that here.

Original thread is here for reference. But everything is in the google drive.

Feel free to use these in any of your stories! Be sure to credit me as Faintest here on the forums or @faintest_storytime on instagram.

Here is the free google drive to all of the splashes and buttons/overlays I’ve made so far. Faintest’s Free Pre-Made Splashes

*More* More

Some are edited, some are fully hand drawn, and most are a mixture of both, all using free assets.


And here is a new set of menu or intro or outro overlays. I don’t know what anything is called, :sweat_smile:

Wing Star End Credits
Wing Star End Points
Wing Star End FAQ
Wing Star End Q&A
Wing Star End Skip
Wing Star End Episdoe
Wing Star End Begin
Wing Star End Chapter
Wing Star Customise
Wing Star CustomiZe


These are adorable!!!

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So cute! :heart_eyes:

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these are sooo CUTE

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Can I req a Christmas themed one?

Start skip customize qna


@ColeCatalyst Thank you!
@Wraith.monke Aw thank you!
@Epysat Thanks, I’m glad you like them!

I’ll be trying to add menu buttons more frequently, so definitely check back often!


Sounds like a great theme. I can do that. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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hi. i hope this isn’t much, but can you do tappable menus (customize, start, skip, points, credit, faq, end chapter) and splashes (mature theme warning, turn up your volume, thanks for reading/follow me on instagram), with a gothic/vampire theme?

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Sure, I’ll give that a go, thank you for the suggestion!

Hello, all, here are some Christmas themed buttons as requested by @Kieran. Free for anyone to use, just credit me, please! There are several skip buttons for mixing and matching purposes.

Christmas Gift Menu Q&A
Christmas Gift Menu CustomiSe
Christmas Gift Menu CustomiZe
Christmas Gift Menu Skip
Christmas Gift Menu Skip Alt
Christmas Gift Menu Start
Christmas Gift Menu Begin
Christmas Gift Menu Skip Alt2

Also Just in case you missed them, here are a few Christmas-themed splashes. You can find all the variations in the free drive above

Vampire ones on the way @Tobe


These are amazing thank you!


I’m glad you like them, you’re welcome!

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@Tobe, I apologize for the delay and I hope you can still use them! Here are the menu buttons! I’ll get the splashes to you momentarily as well!
Be sure to note the sizes of the overlays when assembling them as tappable overlays, so they don’t overlap! There are technically two sets, you can mix and match. Let me know if I missed any.

Gothic Rose Skip
Gothic Rose CustomiSe
Gothic Rose CustomiZe
Gothic Rose Points
Gothic Credits
Gothic Rose Start

Gothic Rose CustomiSe (simple)
Gothic Rose CustomiZe (Simple)
Gothic Rose Skip (Simple)
Gothic Rose Start (Simple)
Gothic Rose Faq(Simple)
Gothic Rose Credits (Simple)
Gothic Rose Q&A (Simple)

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it looks really good :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! :blush:

hi. please i wanted to know if there’s a bloody version of the q&a and f.a.q?

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Oh, sure, I can do that for you, give me a sec!

@Tobe Here you go!
Gothic Rose FAQ
Gothic Rose Q&A

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thank you