Favorites Stories on Episode?

Just Wondering But What Are Some Of Your Favorite Stories On Episode?

My Psycho
Bukii Di.
I live for it

Best Mistake by Violet Madison

“The Ruby Tiara” and “Moonlit Feathers” by: Wincy W.
“I’m Just a Girl” by: Tina M.


This list is in no particular order.

Birds of Passage by Brooke Adair
Back and Forth by earlgreytea (the original, not the featured one)
Death’s Game by earlgreytea
Purple Envelope by Kose
Spotlight: Borderline by Echo Dunkelström
Dream Job: Silent Voice by Luna Rose
Mango Chutney by Nimah A
Cast Away by Lauren Nicole
Fantastical: The Tale Makers by Eleanor & Janna
The Nerdy Vampire by AmandaAshley

Also, if you haven’t already read some of Episode’s classic stories, I recommend you do :blush:
Dripping Mascara by Genevieve M.
Pretty much every story by Joseph Evans

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