Feedback on My Art (Part 2)

So, I’ve been trying to master the anime-but-cartoonish-but-sort-of-not style. It’s the style I’ve drawn for pretty much forever, so I’m most comfortable drawing this way. I’m looking for tips and ways to improve! The problem is that most of the drawing tips I’ve found are on drawing in a realistic or semi-realistic style… which I’m not so keen on learning because it’s just not… me. Drop your tips and ways to improve below! Here are some examples:


Things you should know:
-I can’t draw adult bodies yet, and when I try, they end up looking like kids
-I can’t draw legs unless the character is wearing long pants or a long dress (which means I can’t draw shorts or a short skirt because it just looks plain weird)
-My art style isn’t very consistent so I have some pretty people (well in my opinion anyway) and some very ugly people
-As I probably already hinted, I can’t draw arms/legs correctly for some reason…?
-I mainly draw females and have no idea how to draw men, I tried once and it was a disaster

I’m just kinda bad at drawing (okay really bad)


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The art is so cute!! I love it :blob_hearts:


Super cute!


awe I love your style

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Um lol I thought my style was weird-looking?
Thanks everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is so cute, It really made my day​:fire::fire:

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You’re joking… right?
I feel like everyone here is waaaaaayy too nice

No they aren’t. I once tried using procreate, and I sucked at it. So I know even creating basic art is so difficult. And you here have made such beautiful pieces, istg they are really good.

Try using Ibis Paint X!
I use that, and find that it’s really helpful. Take the mermaid drawing for example… I literally just used a pen called “hair” and it makes the lines come out all detailed and realistic-looking… :joy: There’s a pen for pretty much everything: chains, braids, flowers, sparkles, bones (eww), etc.

It’s also really cool because it’s free, and you can unlock all the pens by watching an ad, which I think unlocks them for a full 16 hours. You can re-unlock them too (: I probably sound like an advertiser right now, but its true. And don’t give up! It just takes practice :wink:

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I agree!! Ibis Paint X is the best drawing app for me!! We can unlock brushes for 18 hours (at least that is what it says to me) and I love how there are brushes for sparkles, glitters, chains, braids, snow flakes, music notes, etc. Drawing in that app is better for me.

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It’s super cute! I can definitely see the Western cartoon and anime aspects. Using guidelines on the face to properly map out the mouth, nose, and eyes can help a lot. Same with the body. I just use a very simple circle as the center of the head. Then I draw a jaw line and put 2 lines right below, a little larger than the width of the chin (which becomes the neck). And I use a very simple rectangle as the torso, an isosceles trapezoid as the hips, and lines that serve as legs that have circles to map out the knees. Of course, you can always alter the shapes and proportions to fit your style! Using guides like that can help build consistency. Watching anime and other people draw also helped me develop a style.


Thanks! :blob_hearts:

I think we ALL like it because its different a good differentfrom what we usually see from other artists, Its unique is what I mean.

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New art is out! Opinions? I decided to trace over some old artwork and change it up a bit




They look great!

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