Find the kind of story that you like here

I don’t know if anyone did this before me, but I want to do an activity and I really hope that I find something interesting to read. You can mention things that you like in a story and the rest of us are going to mention stories that fit your requirements.

You can also ask for stories that don’t include things that you don’t like.

Idk if I explain myself in a proper way, but if you want examples of how to reply here are a few:

I’m looking for a drama story with a female CEO, 2LI (LGTBQ+ option), and without the stereotypical bad boy. I like cliffhangers and getting to know the secondary characters too.

I really like stories that include family issues and dark backstories.

I’m looking for a story about mermaids and vampires. I enjoy reading stories that are updated regularly.

I do this activity because sometimes readers (myself included) want to read certain things and this is an easy way to find the type of stories that we want. Use this as an opportunity to promote your story if you want or support your favorite author <33


I like romance stories with only one SOFT love interest. No bad boys, no mafia/gang leader, no CEOs, no celebrities/famous athletes with realistic drama.
I like romance stories where the LI or MC dies lol.
I like ghost stories A LOT.
I want to read WLW stories with full CC, and no hetero romance at all (if it’s WLW).
I like stories with no art scenes.
I like stories about music.
I don’t want high school stories, or stories with anyone below 21.

sorry, I am old. :rofl:


Ooh I reccomend Shroud!

You will like my stories…

You will like my stories… x2 :rofl:

hand them over ;D

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I’m going to publish one in March or April :eyes: