@Rafa_Almeida speaks Portuguese. I can translate because I’m guessing you might speak it!

Translation to what @Rafa_Almeida said:
Hi, I was looking for some women’s clothes, like gardening uniform, like men’s service clothes … Will you make my wish come true, flower. ? Thanks in advance…

hey @Fire_Star
i needed a FEW CLUB BGA


Hello can you please find me some superhero and villian lairs or hideouts

And restaurants and coffee shops

hey she has not been active seen jan 16

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Ik but still letting it be there because she could still see it


Hey there, please I was wondering if you could help me find a Billionaire ceo office with overlays to the office. Thank you

Hello! I was wondering if you could find me a bathroom? I need it so you can see the shower because my MC will be having a shower!
Thanks in advance,
Megs x

Hi, I just need a mature content and strong language splash
Thanks (: