Free cover art :))

Hi I will create a free cover for you :))


  1. Dont request a cover that you won’t use
  2. Don’t waste my time :rage:
  3. You must give me credit ect. Follow HollyC on episode or leave my @episode.hollyC
  4. Don’t request covers on other forums :slight_smile:


Story Title:
Story description:
Attachments of characters and positions you would like them to be in:
Background photo or a description of the background you would like:
Other details:
Instagram user: optional

I’m a busy woman so covers could take up to a couple hours or 1-3 days

Do you have any examples of your work? :thinking::slight_smile:

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Hi Holly! I’ve been asking a lot of artists and first one who replies can do it! I will use the beautiful cover you will make and i won’t waste it. I will always give you credit in every episode and you can put Art By Holly or your instagram on the art. I really hope you reply!
Description: Galaxy background with galaxy-like colors.
Top Right Corner: Any episode default female character screaming-mad. (Crop body off)
Top Left Corner: By Author Claire in cursive font. color:white.
Bottom Right Corner: Any episode default male character nervous-scared.
Bottom Left Corner: Nothing except maybe Art by Holly or follow Holly.
Center: In big futuristic font: Future’s Curse.

                                                         Please reply if you're missing a detail or anything, 
                                                                  Author Claire

Her fourth rules is this:

And you’ve said this:

This means you could also break the first and second rule. Always remember to read the rules! :thinking::slight_smile: @Holl_y


Ok, I’m sorry, but you could of been a little more polite.

Okay, sorry. :persevere:

ITS ok :kissing_heart:

I only put it on other forums because I worry you won’t reply and I really need a cover. If you do respond, I promise to choose yours over all the other ones. AND CREDIT! In every chapter if you want

Hi! Can you please make me a front cover for my story ’ Cancer is a Killer’.
Can you have my main character in the centre. This is what she looks like -
Pink dress
Blonde fishtail braid
Oval face
Classic natural eyebrows
Blue upturned bold eyes
Soft natural nose
Classic mouth (Blush)
Fair skin
Emotion - Happy

Authors name - Pineapple
Story name - Cancer is a Killer
Can you also please include this quote - Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it.

Please email the final cover to me by Tuesday. This is my email -
Thank you so much!

I would like a cover…
A girl who has
Fawn Beach Wave hair
Round face
Smooth arch eyebrows
Auburn upturned feline eyes
Soft natural nose
Bordeaux full round mouth
Caramel body
Wearing zinc white glamorous dress
Emotion: idle_awkward

I want another character in the background who is a male he has
Blond modern pompadour hair
Square jaw face
Thin arch eyebrows
Blue classic round eyes
Button nose
Blush small round mouth
Light body
And a suit
Emotion: arms crossed angry

I would like her to be in the front and some random people in the back who are paparazzi holding cameras and the male in the background as well.
It is called “Hollywood Scandal” and the scene should be a red carpet
My email is
It’s about a famous actress/model who has a great life and boyfriend but then cheats while drunk…leaving the paparazzi intrigued and boyfriend mad
Reply soon, thanks so much!!
Btw this is ink not limelight characters