Free Covers/Art scenes and commissions

A new new piece I have a deal at the min
1 character art- £10
2 character art- £20
few more days left :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

just askin if u are in Imvu
Coz the characters look really similar and good lmao

Sometimes I use IMVU for pose ideas but I don’t use it to make the art. I draw them all myself
although I have seen IMVU art before and it looks amazing but I never get how to do that :joy:

true true, its an inspiration lol :rofl:

hey, i wanted to know if i could get 2 arts?
i can send details if you can❤️

they are both 1 person

free or commissioned :heartpulse:

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do you do them for free? bc i really don’t have money

sometimes but there is a long wait
i prioritise commissioned

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Duplicate closed. Refer to Free edits/ art requests