~Game~ What would you do for $100?



would you kill a dog for $100?


If the dog was in pain and the best thing to do was to put them out of their misery yes, otherwise no.

Would you push a small child off of the swings and laugh in their crying face as you swung before them for 100$?


depends who said child is

would you push your grandma down the stairs for $100?


Would you kill someone for $100?


Sure why not

Would you bake someone for $100?


Depends who.
Would you eat at @Chocolate_Mama 's bakery for $100? (Shes bakes people and puts them in her pies btw)


100% No.

Would you spend $100 on expensive restaurants and yachts.


No, there’s better things to spend the money on.

Would you let your enemy punch you in the face for $100?


Yes because I bet my enemy cant punch hard
Would you betray your friend (just friend not best friend) for $100?



Would you only eat hamburgers, for a half year, for $100?



Would you not leave your house for two months for $100?


Sure I do that anyways over the summer sigh

Would you never wear shoes again for $100?



Would you never use your phone again for $100?


Sure I’ll buy a tablet instead :joy:

Would you delete your stories for $100? (consider you have published them)


It depends if readers love the stories.
Would you not eat or drink anything but tea for a day for $100?


Nah, I need to eat something.
Would you logout on forums for 24 hours for 100$?


Yes, it would be terrible though.

Would you bungee jump for $100?


No, I’m afraid of heights.
Would you snort a half teaspoon of cinnamon for $100 ?


clears throat
Don’t try this at home, but yes I did, and I’d do it again

Would you bake a person for $100?


No! I’m not murdering someone Maybe if it was Trump tho… Nah he already baked enough
Would you punch Ethan or Grayson Dolan for $100?