Good Enough Cliffhanger?

Is a cliffhanger still a cliffhanger if the player knows it’s going to happen, but the character is surprised? For example, my story’s based around the MC joining a group of monster hunters, so obviously the reader knows that has to happen for the story to continue. The circumstances in which it happens are a surprise to the character because they don’t expect, or even want, to be initiated and thus react with shock. Then, the episode ends. I suppose the cliffhanging part for the player would be how the MC reacts in the next episode, whether they’re completely against the idea or for it.

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Well, if the reader knows what’s going to happen, they won’t read it. If you read stories where important characters die, it is a cliffhanger. Your description shouldn’t give too much away so you can include cliffhangers. Really, the cliffhanger should be unexpected, not anticipated.


I do think that the reader shouldn’t always know what’s going to happen, but personally I’d say that this is fine. Normally, I wouldn’t go with cliff-hangers where the reader knows it beforehand, but in the circumstances you described, it seems like a pretty big and important part of the story. This wouldn’t stop me from reading, its completely fine. :blush:

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The cliffhanger I’m talking about isn’t a twist at the end, It’s just the cliffhanger for the first episode. I should’ve mentioned that in the first place. A piece of advice by episode writers said that every episode should end in a cliffhanger, but maybe I’m overthinking it. :sweat_smile:

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I’m not talking about things at the end. Like, for my story the second episode ends with a call that’s saying one of their friends is hurt and in the hospital and the other one is missing. It’s not something at all mentioned in the description, so it’s completely unexpected. Unless, of course, you’re reading this and then you go read my story :joy:

NEVER end every episode in a cliffhanger. That would be like watching your favorite show and have every episode ending in a cliffhanger.

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