Goodbye my beautiful forumers


honestly i love y’all so much and one day imma come back and be like BOOM BITCHES

today is my last day and i love you all you’re so beautiful and you’re all queens and kings and i wish you all the best in life :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


awwwww xxx




gonna miss u xx


i’ll miss you too


Bye love! good luck :rose:


thank you sweetie, good luck to you too


Sweetie you turned into someone else lol


I hope that’s a good thing :blush:


I’ll miss your old personality


Aww and I miss you babe:rose:


Yup, no I haven’t changed lmao


stay flirty, it’s cute


Stay here, ur cool :wink:


aw damn why u gotta do that i’ll be back sooner than you know


Noooo!!! Gosh no you can’t do this to us!


i’m sorry chica but it’s something i have to do! i’ll come back i promise, i just need a little break :kissing_heart:


Cuz lmao it’s hard to lose a nice chill babe!

You better be :relaxed::rose:


Ok. Stay safe :frowning:


you too honey :purple_heart: