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So question…say you want your character to change a different hairstyle right? and it remains for the rest of the episode (if wanted) Now if you make a new episode will the current hairstyle still be there or how would you changes the hairstyle back to default? And how will that work if readers have the character customized?

Hope this makes sense


If you change a character’s hair, it will stay that way unless you code it to change to something else. It will not ‘reset’ to anything.


Ohh I see


You can use preview+ unpreview to change character’s hair (or outfit or any other face/ hair features parts/ colors)

The code is:

to preview:

@CHARACTER previews item name

to unpreview:

@CHARACTER unpreviews item name

(there isn’t anything specific to explain this, this is just how I tried to)

name: Really just the name of the things you want to preview

item: the kind of thing you preview, can be outfits, colors, face/ hair parts.

for example:

@YOU previews outfit dress

For colors you need to write it like when changing customization parts.

For example:

@RANDOM previews hairColor into Black

Like hairColor not hair color/ hair Color

All the things you can preview:

*eyebrowsColor (only for Limelight)

(Same with preview and unpreview, preview makes stuff appear and unpreview makes them disappear and come back to what they were before)


Several times I asked myself the same question. But never dared to implement this thing because of reasons mentioned below.
It is possible to return hairstyle to the one chosen by the user if you have remembered user’s choice during the customization.
For example,
choice (userHair)
“Diva Curls” {
@CHAR changes hair into Diva Curls
#some part of code
#after you decided to change hairstyle
@CHAR changes hair into Beach Wave
#some part of code
#after you decided to return user’s hair style
if (userHair is “High Ponytail”) {
@CHAR changes hair into High Ponytail
} elif (userHair is “Diva Curls”) {
@CHAR changes hair into Diva Curls

#here you should go over ALL THE VARIANTS you have offered user to choose from, and this is the main inconvenience in case if you allowed to choose from many possible variants :slight_smile:


Is this same goes to outfit also?


Yes, this applies to outfit as well :slight_smile:
Outfit stays until you decide to change it




Thanks! I was using hairstyle instead of hair so thank you for this!


Closing as the original question seems to have been resolved :slight_smile: