Help For Lost Souls

Welcome to Help For Lost Souls :ghost: WE JUST REOPENED!!!
I can help with:

Character Cards

I can also make backgrounds for them if you’d like.

Making Characters/Character Outfits

I make way too many characters for fun, so if anyone needs help making them or their outfits…I’d LOVE to help. :heart_eyes:
Some Ex.:

Magic Overlays

I’d like to think I’m good at these. :sweat_smile:

Uploading: 514F6999-7318-4AEE-8D38-2F76A9FF4064.PNG…


I’ll take a shot at these banners.
The one on the top is the only one I have saved. :confused:


Idk what they’re called but I will call them previews. :laughing:
This is my first one, I think it came out alright.


I just started doing drawings, I can do prof pics, covers and art scenes might not be the best but doesn’t hurt to try.

this is one of the drawings I did for @EpiCrazyKat

i did this one for my cousin @Raitlyn and her story Aura of Storm!

and i just added a background to my drawing from before.

Soon I will have more things to help with. I’m gonna start trying art scenes/digital drawing stuff and whatever else!
I’d also like to have some games where you guys can all vote and participate in. :sunglasses:
Hours I am usually on are 2-6 pm I check before bed at 10, and weekends I may be on in the morning if I don’t have anything. (This is New England time.)

Check out my cousin @Raitlyn she is awesome, she also owns an art shop. :star_struck:
Fantastically Fantasy It’s FREE!!! :money_mouth_face:
She also will be helping out here, if anyone else would like to help just ask. (I won’t say no :wink:)


You might want to move it to Art resources since it basically is an art shop:)


Cr*p! You’re right :sweat_smile:


¿Estas contratando?

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Don’t see why not. Help would be nice prima. :blush:

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Does this mean you’d like to help here?

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Sí muchacha


Hey guys!
This the character card for Storm, from @Raitlyn upcoming story “Aura of Storm”

Lmk what you think

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Like it?

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What d’you think

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no? :joy:

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Yes, dummy

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Yay :party_time:
Loved the art btw :wink:

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thanks :blush:

I have another random drawing I’m starting, I’ll send it soon.

Ooo can’t wait :kissing_heart:

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Could you do me a drawing? I have the background and the character all I need is for you to draw her in a custom pose for me which will be written down below.

Character To Draw

Background To Use

2021-05-03 (4)


I would simply like you to take the given character and make her hold her necklace/chest and make her hair blow out to the sides a bit. Also if she could be facing her hands that would be great.

Additional Information
  • PLEASE make sure to include the necklace she is wearing in the photo, as it is a CRUCIAL part to the purpose of the drawing.
  • I don’t have a deadline, I would just like it as soon as possible.
  • PM me the finished drawing please.
  • Along with the drawing please give me a social account to credit as your drawing will be used in my story.
  • I don’t mind a watermark but please make sure it is not covering the character, it can be in the corners, next to the characters hair, shoulders ect,
    Just please not directly on top of her.

There’s no rush for it, and any result is appreciated. Whether or not I like it, it will be used somehow in my story! Thank you for your effort and time that goes into these.
Also please bare in mind that I will tell you if I like it or not but it won’t change whether or not I use it, because I will.

If you would like any tips or feedback on how you can improve then just tell me.
Again, thank you so much for all the time and effort that will go into this, it won’t go unnoticed, and you’re really helping me out by making this!!


Ok I will probably get that to you tomorrow or someone time in the morning the next day. Thanks for choosing me! :blush:

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No problem and thanks!
Lmao I’m actually in the middle of making my own art shop rn :eyes:

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