HELP! I can’t draw these lips


Hey guys! I am trying to make an outline, and I need help with the lips… I can’t get them right! If someone could maybe do a quick draw on it, that would be great… here is the unfinished outline:

And just Incase you want an idea of what the lips need to look like, here is the original:


Thank you so much! If I decide to post the finished colored product, I will be sure to credit you in helping me!

-when you are almost done with a picture, but for some dumb reason, you do the face last and mess the whole picture up-


I’m sort of new at this digital art but I would like to give it a try if that’s okay???


Sure! I can send you the normal photo




Thank you :grin:


No, thank you!


I usually try to draw the line in the middle of the lips and then work on the bottom and top separately til they look good to me. This helps me keep them even but I dont draw a lot it’s just what helps me when I do attempt it :confounded:. Since the mouth is open on the picture you can erase the line in the middle after you get the outside shape the way you like.


Thanks for the tips! I appreciate it :slight_smile:


I can’t help with drawing lol but yours looks awesome! :grin:


thank you!


I also need help lol



Okay so here are my lips, I’m new to this so if you have any critics or something you would like me to change please tell me


If you want me to do it without the teeth I can


No, no, I think it is great! Thank you for the help!


@Jeremy please close this thread…