Help me out please!?

okay, so i dont know if this will make sense but hopefully it does.
in violets story, the shaw brothers, she does this coding thing where a character is talking and halfway through they face the other direction. without tapping to go to the next part.

for example, one of them is talking and they are facing left and in about .5 seconds, they turn right, without tapping to go to the next speechbubble. (if that even makes sense omg im so sorry i dont have a legit example!)

if someone understands could you please give me the coding for this :pleading_face:

i can try and re-explain also!

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I didn’t really read that story but I think this

@CHARACTER faces right/left AND CHARACTER does it while animation

this didn’t work, but thank you!!

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You would do it like this:

&pause for 0.5 THEN CHAR faces right


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thank u sm! ur a life saver

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