HELP ME,with my story

One of my reader is facing a issue reading my story where she is not able to move from a scene but I am able to do it and even my friend is able to read the rest of the story. Help me with this problem!!
Do read my story and tell me if you are facing the same issues.

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Tell your reader to restart the app fully (exit from the story, backbackback, open apps running in the background, close the process, then try reading it again) or to replay your story. If you and others can proceed then the problem lies in the person’s app glitch, not your story. :wink:

OH, unless the person is reading on a tablet or some other device with different screen ratio and there’s an overlay to press or a choice is off the screen. Then you might want to adjust it, but if it’s just a bug with no characters appearing in the scene, or something like that, then yeah, it’s an app glitch and reader should send a ticket to Episode team, if restarting and replaying the story doesn’t work. :blush:

Try this

Thank you,I will let my reader know.

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if you have panable overlay there it might be the reason since panable do not work on all phones.

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