HELP | Need some dialogue ideas for a scene

Hello! I am currently writing a scene of my story were the LI is driving all the way home from being sent to boarding school for 4 years. He was sent to boarding school for poor behaviour, and bad grades. I want the scene to be him in the car with just narration and some thoughts, but the issue is, I have no idea what to put. It’s the first time we are introduced to the LI, so I kind of want it to tell us something about him. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Hi, could you tell me more about the LI? Like his past and his personality. Or how he feels about going back and how boarding school was for him. What does he expect and what does he want when coming back? Who is he meeting?


The Li had a very sarcastic personality, but he is also a very caring. When he was younger, he was badly behaved and didn’t care about school, hence the bad grades. Boarding school was a bad experience for him, it made him feel unwanted and lonely. Now he’s coming home, he doesn’t know how to feel, it he can’t shake off the thought that his parents sent him away without him even knowing. He’s coming back to begin his second year of collage, but he’s going to be staying with his parents.

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Idk if he’s driving himself or being driven by someone but I chose the latter:
Driver: “Long journey ahead, huh?”
LI: nods, staring out the window “Yeah, feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been home.”
Driver: “Must’ve been tough, those years at boarding school.”
LI: sighs “You have no idea. But I guess I had it coming.”
Driver: “We all make mistakes, kid. The important thing is what you do next.”
LI: smirks faintly “Yeah, well, let’s hope I can make things right this time.”


Thank you! I could try recreat something like this 🫶🏽

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