Help! Spill wine code on dress code

I want to create a scene in which character spills wine on someone and ruins their dress. But I am unable to achieve a smooth transition. I want my character Lillian to fall and immediately after that the overlay wine stain appears. mine is appearing after 1 second.

Also is it possible to bring the tumbler glass forward?

Please help.

The code so far…

@MARILIA spot 1.027 145 138 in zone 1 AND MARILIA faces right AND SORREN spot 1.094 235 130 in zone 1 AND SORREN faces left

@LILLAIN spot 1.039 -100 112 in zone 1 AND LILLAIN faces right

&LILLAIN moves to layer 3
&SORREN moves to layer 2
&MARILIA moves to layer 1

@add Tumbler Glass Glass Yellow to LILLAIN

@LILLAIN walks to spot 1.039 76 108 in zone 1 in 2.5 AND LILLAIN does it while walk_tray_neutral_loop

@LILLAIN is fall

&overlay WINE STAIN create
&overlay WINE STAIN opacity 0.7 in 0

@overlay 6606482901827584_WINE STAIN shifts to 207 280 in zone 1
@overlay 6606482901827584_WINE STAIN scales to 0.080 0.080
@overlay 6606482901827584_WINE STAIN moves to layer 4

@remove Tumbler Glass Glass Yellow LILLAIN
@LILLAIN is standup_neutral

Hello. To move tumbler glass forward use the moves to layer command -
@overlay Overlayname moves to layer 5
That should work. For the wine stain put & instead of @ for lillain fall action. -
&LILLAIN is fall

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Yeye. The overlay problem is resolved thanks! :blush:

But this does not work.
@overlay Overlayname moves to layer 5

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 10.07.43 PM

Oh yes my mistake I thought it was overlay, it’s a prop and I don’t think prop can be layered (bring to front or back)

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Yeah I thought so too. Anyway thanks a lot :grin:

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Welcome. Good luck with your story

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