Help! Story Description! Ideas Needed!



I need help with my story description badly. It’s about a girl whose father is a gang leader who sells her in marriage to an opposing gang in return for an alliance. But the girl, Cassy, doesn’t know her father is a gang leader. She starts to fall for Dante, the son of the gang leader and the future leader. I more so want to focus the description on Cassy and Dante, the 2 main characters because they fall in love. Open to all suggestions!


How about this:

You are falling in love with this mysterious and dangerous man, but your surprise is bigger, when you find out he’s your future husband and a future gang leader. what will you do?


That’s really good!


Glad to help. :smiley:


Can you help me come up with a description


I can if you would like!


Ok thx plz


Just give me a description!


Well my story’s called “Accidents happen” So I’m thinking it’s about this girl and everywhere she goes something bad goes wrong and goes to seek someone for help but I’m not really sure I like it that much