Help with an overlay?


So i want an overlay of one of my characters but i can’t seem to do it, i would like the character to be on his back using his arms to keep his top half up while his legs are bent holding him up on the floor (so he’s leaning off the floor) as he is about to be shot so he would need to look scared. *INK STYLE
Deets below:

body: honey
brows: straight bold
hair: unsettled faux hawk (platinum blonde)
eyes: classic almond (blue)
face: chiseled square
nose: button
mouth: small round (mocha)


scrubs t-shirt (white)
scrubs pants (white)
surgeon shoe covers

my insta is: @writtenbyelz if you need any other info!! let me know what you come up with!

you want an edit?

If so, just look for art shops