Help with background characters

So, I know how to place out the characters. BUT the problem is that I want them to already be at their places and, if possible, having them do what they do (talk etc) when the scene “opens” or what you call it.
Now when I get to the new scene/background they all pop up 1 by 1 after another and it takes time until they are all in places and talk etc.

Is there some way/command to make it all be smooth (that they are already in their places etc so that the scene can start at once?

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Do it all on one line.
Instead of @ use &

&Ken is spot (numbers) in zone (whatever zone they are in) AND Ken faces left AND Ken is idle_awkward AND Amber is spot (numbers) AND Amber faces right AND Amber is idle_happy.

By replacing @ with & it makes them already on scene

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oh, ok I’ll try that.
Thank you!

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