Help with Background Characters?


Hello! I’m currently writing a story and need some help with background characters. I’d like for students in the school hallway to be talking, walking, or on their cellphones. I want the scene to pan the whole area then back again to the beginning to see the main character walk onscreen. Can someone help me with this? Perhaps giving me a sample background character template? I will credit you in the story! Thank you!


I can help you with this. Just reply back to this comment saying what background you want to use and I’ll have some help up and ready.


Hello! I’m using INT. ACADEMIC HALL RED - DAY. thanks for the help!


So first place a lot of characters into the different zones in the scene by doing:
@CHAR stands screen left in zone 3
Like that
Next open up your phone/tablet and pull up the directing helper and move them to the designated spots so your code should look like:
@CHAR spot (the numbers here) in zone (zone number)
@CHAR 2 spot (the number) in zone (zone number)
and continue this for as many characters as you need to.
And if you want them to do actions then you do this:
@CHAR spot (spot number) in zone (zone number) AND CHAR faces (direction you want them to) AND CHAR is (the behavior you want them to perform)
And continue this for as many people as you need to.


it’s easy, really, just spot the characters and then pan… you can use & and starts so the background characters won’t effect the actual scene. spot everybody BEFORE the panning. Use layers (maybe some zooms) and then you will have it, it’s really not that hard, I do it all the time!


Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:


No Problem.


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