Help with your story!

Hello Everyone! I made quite a few stories and thought, why not help some writers? If you need help with your story, feel free to ask me! Like if you need to have the reader choose their name and you don’t know how to do it! You can ask me ANYTHING!:grin:


I guess I seriously need your help!!! This is going to be my first writing in Episode, So there are many questions I’ve to be make sure about and get a clear perspective that how to proceed without seeking help from this person to that person…
Writers Community, FAQ these are so vast that I get lost as again I’m informing as a first-time writer here. Can you tell me what are the required changes I need to make before publishing my Story? I’m not good at directing but I have made 6 chapters (without any choice…sigh…). I want to know about 1. MAKING CHOICE in a simple way.
2. I want to know about ADDING A BACKGROUND in a simple method.
4 My characters are often walking and often simply slips or glides on the floor though I want them to walk properly. HOW CAN I MAKE MY CHARACTERS WALK PROPERLY?

And last but not the least, is it possible for You to be my Writing Partner? Of course there will be shout outs and credits of Your name I’ll mention if You can join me, at least for first few chapters…? Would You be a writing partner of a totally novish but Yes, passionate about her writing and with Unique concepts and ideas and plots!!!
I shall wait for your response, no matter if it’s a denial of my requests, but kindly inform me.

(psst: Your benevolent nature drew my attention towards me, can You be my friend at least if the wave length matches? Can you tell me the name & theme of Your stories, so that I can read them.)

Regards & Much Appreciations,
Ani Ray

(How can You read and rectify my mistakes before publishing the story chapters?)

Hello There,
I guess I should send you the link to my 6 chapters. I’m upto the advanced one. Thanks cordially for your detailed help. So, what are the stories you’ve published in Episode till now? I’d love to read them! Tell me the story names.
About my writing…

  1. I wanted to add backgrounds to my stories on Episode. Is it allowed? If Yes, how??
  2. No red sign or errors are showing on the left side of the error bar.
    But yes, definitely my characters have started gliding or floating like they slip instead proper walk. Can you help it?
  3. I’m stuck with advanced Choices & Branches.
  4. I’ve created these 6 chapters from mobile phone & entering, exiting or dress change, put animation/expression or put a BG (background) is extremely easy if made in the mobile phone.

I’m done with my own-made big & small story covers also & the good news is that those images are approved. :slight_smile:
So, how can we work together as writing partner?
I guess for that we need to know each other a little bit at least, after all, we are talking about being “writing partners.” :blush:

I’m Ani Ray, from India. Animation is my profession. But they don’t teach javascript or any language scriptings. I know 3DS Max & Maya & all of the Adobe softwares. Visual Effects means VFX is my favorite thing. I have a huge list of hobbies & interests.
So, this is me just in five lines brief. What about you?
Kindly share some of your stories about your life so that we can be friends instead of just writing partners. :smile:

Thanks again for your help. I’m grateful to You for those. If agreed to be writing partner can we exchange personal e-mail addresses?

Take my warmest Regards,
Ani Ray

What does it mean when the error box says that a behavior doesn’t exist for a specific person???

It just means that doesn’t exist for that character, often because the other gender has that animation or because episode interactive doesn’t have it at all! :grinning: Fix that error by replacing the animation with another animation.Hope that helped.:relaxed:

Oh… the only thing I find weird is that I used it before… a couple lines before and it worked… for the same character too…

Maybe you spelled it wrong.:thinking:

OOOOOHHHHHH yeah a classic un-noticed typo :sweat_smile: tysm

Hi I’m having trouble with changing characters outfits and having them walk into the screen
I have tried many times but i keep getting errors

@CHARACTER changes into Outfit_Name
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen right

Is this what you mean?

yes sorta but i have used the @CHARACTER enters from left to screen right and it showed up as an error

Error must be somewhere else then, can you post screenshot from your story?

yea ill send it in a few

oh lol the error was from something else thx for the help

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Hi my name is Kayla and I REALLY need you help! I have the template for choosing the own character and stuff but how do I make it to where when there talking it says their name instead of the Avatar Female? I’m so confused and also when she exits she exits at an angle like she’s coming towards me. PLEASE HELP.

Wait, I’m confused about the first part. What did you put down when you wanted the character to exit?

Change the display name for the character in character settings

As for the exiting, if youre using spot directing and then you use the @CHAR exits left/right command, then the character will go back to its default size and place and will have that result.
Are you using spot directing?

I put down @Avatar Female exits left and she did but it looked like she was walking at an angle and the first part is I want it to say auto bot when its talking so when the reader picks the name it will pop up when there talking

Yes I’m using spot directing :slight_smile:

Did you put whatever you called the name input as the character’s display name? And I am pretty sure you changed the spot.:thinking: