Hi How do i put other overlay in zone 3


CAMILLE (talk_sit_neutral_arms_crossed)
Why are you on her side? You don’t know her like I do she is fake bitch!!
@pan to zone 3
@NICK spot 0.992 29 270 AND NICK is sit
@overlay SCHOOL_2 create from SCHOOL

@overlay SCHOOL opacity 1 in 0
can someone help me out pls

For overlays
If you want the overlay to be in a different zone then you would have to shift it
@overlay SCHOOL shifts to zone 3

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Okay Thank you so much.:smiley:

Yeah no problem ask again if you need any more help:)

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Okay you mean on this thread? Or PM?

On this thread:)

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Is it & or @ for overlays?

When i try it says this Warning Invalid position value overlay animation. You have to put to numbers.?

Yes you have to put the numbers too or else it won’t work

It can be either & or @

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So i just put any numbers or is specific kind?

It’s the overlay numbers

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If you want you can send me your script so I can explain better lol

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@pan to zone 3
@NICK spot 1.055 -5 102 AND NICK is sit
@MILO stands screen right
@NICK moves to layer 1
@overlay SEAT_2 create from SEAT
@overlay SEAT shifts to zone 3
@overlay SEAT moves to layer 0

Mhmm can you send me the overlay numbers?

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Like the numbers at the bottom

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It disappear it the desk doesn’t show on the script

Okay so press the copy button and then paste it onto your script then after it says shifts to -270 126 write in zone 3
@overlay 6160912332750848_SEAT shifts to -270 126 in zone 3

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Okay, it works all I have to make it look like their sitting down. I apprentice your help, I do the rest of tomorrow Thank you so much :sparkling_heart::slightly_smiling_face: I’ll ask for more help thanks!