How can I get more views to my story?

Hello everyone! I’m a new member and I really want to know what are you guys doing to promote your story? What are your suggestions to me and other members?
I’ll be glad if you share your tips and ideas to me and other community members. Thank you!


Well you can promote your story on the forums or some of the categories.

or you can put it in your profile link.


Self promo! Look out for posts on Instagram (if you have it) from authors with lots of followers they will sometimes ask for story recommendations. Also follow a lot of people on the app. Some will be drawn to your profile if you’ve very few reads. Also offer to do read for reads. Good luck :blush:


Hey there @Gwi, I’m Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

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Do R4R’S as well and keep promises to other authors, because in return for being loyal and trustworthy you Would either gain a reader and or maybe a friend :heart:


Offer read for read with other small authors, it’s a great way to make friends too :slight_smile: and on the actual episode app to get more followers just comment on all the featured posts regularly, people click on your profile and will support you :heart: Also make sure you have an Instagram so you can find other small authors and communicate with others

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Thank you for sharing my post :heart:

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No Problem!

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Just in general be nice and get yourself out there.

If you’re doing read for reads- don’t ghost people, offer reviews, don’t JUST do read-for-reads, make an Instagram or an account for updates about your story, etc…

Don’t just do read for reads and don’t just advertise your story in one place, go on different places and advertise.

And be patient- the reads probably aren’t going to come instantly and it’s gonna take awhile.



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here are some tips:

I am not sucesfull author - we got only 4000 reads so my experience might not matter so much but.

  1. R4R are fine on the begining of the story aspecially if oyu have only 3 episodes published because that is the usual number of chapters people do read in R4R…problem with R4R is that lot of people will not read more thany you agreed and once you publish new chapters it migh ebven worsen your place because not only the total number of reads counts but also if the readers stay with your story.

That is our case - we have only 4000 reads which is nothing - but as it seems our fans love it and everya time we publish new chapter it teporerly jumps ol like 800 trending and 35 in gendre - which is pretty cool…but it drops of cause in meantime when we are working on new chapter because we do not gain so many new readers.

  1. get positive reviews and schout out on isntagram - we do not have many but some of them were realy helpful and it was visible how the reads jumped up after the positive recomandation on instagram - many do it jsut so even you do not have to ask them…but of cause thay have to find your story first which is the hardes part…or you can try politely ask the one who do it.

  2. Promore jaou story here in promote (and only in promote ) section - it the only place where it is OK and people will not get feeling bombed by your request and recomandation of your own story.

  3. get feedback - I warn you how ever about this - if asking for feedback you ashould really mean it and be ready to rwedo your story if you got some sugestions - if you only want the reads imagine how moch work the people did to give you the notes about your story…if oyu believe your story is perfect and doestn need any modofication do not ask for feedback.

  4. make friečnds here - friends might want to read your story and you might decide to support each other - like recomand each other stories…which feels different than just advertisig yours.

and last but most important - write the best possible story readers cant get enoug and have the guts and will to see you maybe didnt wrote such great story and dedo it if necessary. :smiley:


@Gwi Id be happy to read your story. I just released my story and it has one read lol. Maybe we can be friends???

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Thank you so much! I’ll do everything you said as much as I can.

I would be glad. But I haven’t published my story yet. And I would be happy to read yours.


Same here! I’m gonna check your profile :slight_smile:

New members have to help each other! I wish you the best of lucks! Welcome to the community:)

Self promote I have my first story the name is Falling for Another, I’ll let you the link bellow. It’s my first story and I just publish today 2 more episodes and working on more :sparkles:

Falling for Another by Amalia Swan :heartpulse:

Super helpful :pray:t2::heart:

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  • Keep promoting your story on the forum and do R4Rs.
  • Make an Episode Instagram account where you can follow other people from the community. People mostly follow back. You can promote your story and hype it up with sneak peeks. Your followers might find your story interesting!
  • Put the link of your story in your bio here on the forum and on Instagram, so people can easily find it and most likely to read your story.

coool I’ll start reading at ASAP. You can follow me at Cass_writes_ on Insta :3