How can I make a points overlay like in "Demi Lovato: Path to fame"?

How can I make something like this?

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I don’t think that you can.

I think that its one of the assets

Do you know somebody that could know how to do it?

It’s an hidden asset but it would be hard but I could potentially try

What do you mean with asset? Episode is the only one who can have it?

yup only episode has that but I can try with overlays if you wanted that exact effect

I think it could work like the character points, I could make three characters: Friends, Love and Fame (That’s an example). Then I could try to make some overlay or something that shows those character points in screen.

Yup just use if/elif and gains

But the question is… How can I make that overlay? Do you have any suggestion?

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Well you would have to sketch it.

Get a permanent artist

How can I get that?! Also, how can I make the character points show in screen every background and make the points overlay change everytime the points change, etc?

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Just say that you want someone to do it and You will find some one. I could probably do it.
Just leave the overlay. So every new scene just repeat the original overlay xyz.
You would have to make separate overlays for each time

Really?! You’re amazing! But… Will I need, well; will you need to make a lot of overlays?

Yes. It depends on how many point changes though

There isn’t any other way? That would be a lot of work, and a lot of scripts if I want it to make the overlay appear in every background! We need to find another way to make the overlay appear every background without need of scripting!

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There’s no other way to make overlays appear in every bg (especially if you are frequently updating the points) without scripting it. To have overlays = scripting.