How do I find stories on the app?

How can I find certain stories in the app?

In the top right hand corner of the screen, there should be a magnifying glass icon. Click on that, then type in the name of the story you want or a key word.

My app doesn’t show a magnifying glass

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Just to make sure, is this what your home screen looks like?


My screen with no magnifying glass and my favorites doesn’t show up either

I’ve deleted app and redownloaded it and it’s still not there

If the app is up to date with all updates and you’ve tried everything you should submit a support ticket.

Yes it’s up to date. How do I do the support ticket?

If you click the link I posted in the previous comment, fill out the form and it will go to the relevant people to help you with your problem :+1:t3:

Your support ID is found in the settings on the app.

Thank you I will try that

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I am trying to find a specific story, but I can’t remember the name. It’s about a girl and she has to pick between three guys and I know that one of them is her best friends boyfriend that confessed his feelings to her. Please help

You should post this question in the Episode Fan Community page.

More than likely, someone will know which story you are talking about but I’d try to think of a little bit more of the story than what you’ve written because you’ve described a very popular plot so there will be hundreds of stories that fit your description.

I will try that, thank you

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Is it the girl in Manhattan?? It sounds like that story

My app is doing the exact same thing. My favorites disappeared and I have no search function. I have submitted two tickets. It is so frustrating!!

SO MANY PASSES AND GEMS!! DELICIOUS!!! How’d you get all that?

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Lol, I’ve stick piled a bit on the passes. When I get a free pass, I just save it. With the gems, i dont typically use fem choices so they also save up.

Oh?! Normally, the app doesn’t give more passes until I’ve finished them.

When I say free, I don’t mean the ones that refill every 4 hours. I mean the free one from doing the daily challenge or a free pass from when an author updates their chapter.

Ohhhh, no fair! I never have challenges for some reason. :frowning: