How do I get reads without doing read for reads?

Hey everyone I’m a pretty small author and I was wondering how do you get reads? I’ve done R4R’s a few times but I don’t always feel like I’m getting readers who actually like my content. I just recently posted a chapter only getting 4 people reading my story. I don’t want to sound needy I just want to know if people actually like my story or if I should try something else to do instead. Sorry if I sound needy it’s not my intention but it kind of sucks and I know I’m not the only one who might be struggling with this I just felt like asking for advice. Thank you s :slight_smile: If you’re interested in trying out my story here it is :p: Hey guys and gals :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I FINALLY finished revamping my first episode of IMMORTALS :smiley:
It’s more clear with longer scenes and more overlays. I also created a new cover :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you guys like it I tried to make it enjoyable for everyone if you have any constructive criticism or suggestions don’t be shy to comment. I hope you guys have a good day and be safe❣

Title: Immortals
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure (I can’t decide)
Chapters: 8 but 1 is readable
Author: Prudence/Paige
Description: Hope is a normal girl with a normal life. School, Friends, and a wonderful family. But what happens after her parents for and a group of brothers enter her life? Will she find love again?

Here are some tips: Episode Explained: Tips to Get Readers :rose:


Having an instagram to promote your story helps A LOT.


I probably sound dumb but what should I post on it I’m pretty inactive because I don’t know what to post thank you for the suggestion btw

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Hi the most important to get reads is to write story that readers do realy like and feel draged in. To be sure your story does have such impact on them you should ask for feedback - get a lot of feedback so you will have opinion of different people and be ready to change your story if you get some constructive criticism.

If the story itself is not atractive for reader writer will not get many reads no matter what he does for promoting.

People who do R4R wil usually not give you honest opinion on the story because so it is better to go for people who offer feedback and reviews - in the section share feedback.

After you get most of the feedback positive with only few sugestions for change start promoting your story - here in promote section and on instagram.

If you do not know what to post on instagram go and look on instagram of writesrs you like you will see what kind of things they poste. Its usually some anoncments for the story and sneak peeks of upcoming chapters, use hastags to make the post visible in different episode related groups - you will see the hastags by the posts of the writers so you can use them too.


Tysm :heart:

Try adding people on the app :heart:

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Sneak peaks of your story (screenshots), updates (what you’re working on, if you just published, when the next episode will be out, etc.), see other people’s posts, add whatever you want to your story on Instagram to promote things. It’s up to you.


@faithepi :wave: it seems that your thread is more geared towards sharing/promoting your story and not looking for directing help or tips. Please move your thread to the correct section of the forums so it’s easier to find. Thanks a bunch! :v:

oh I’m sorry i didn’t notice :slight_smile:


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