How do I quote a whole post?

How do I quote a whole post the proper way without missing anything?

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Ive seen people do it and I want to know how to do it too. Help is appreciated
@Sydney_H please tell me if Im on the correct category

Highlight everything you want to quote

The option to quote will come up


what if I want to quote a whole post and post it on a different topic?

Sorry i don’t know how to do that. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Just link it!


oh okay, Thank you!

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its okay thanks anyways :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. Start with a Blockquote: Use the blockquote feature in the platform or application where you are quoting. This is often done by placing the text within quotation marks or using a specific formatting option (e.g., “>” symbol in many online forums or email clients).
  2. Include the Entire Text: Ensure that you capture the entire post, including any introductory statements, headings, and the main body of the text.
  3. Maintain Formatting: Preserve the original formatting of the post as much as possible. If the original text has headings, bold or italicized text, or bullet points, try to retain these elements in your quote.
  4. Attribute the Author: If the post is from a specific author, make it clear who wrote the original content. This can be done by mentioning the author’s name or username along with the quoted text.
  5. Provide Source Information: If you are quoting from an online source, include a link to the original post or article. This allows readers to access the full content and verifies the authenticity of your quote.

I kinda know this stuff already, but thanks for the information!

also welcome to the community

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thanks !

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