How do you code black panels opening and closing

Hi Guys,

How do you code black panels opening on to a background from top and bottom?

So I need it to look like eye’s are struggling to open from the characters POV. and the character is keeps opening and closing their eyes.

Should I use overlays?

In which case how do you code that? eek!?


This should help!

Thanks so much… can this do top and bottom at the same time?

No, its a list of the transition your talking about.
For top to bottom it is @transition curtain in_top in —

You would need to upload 2 black overlays and position one on top and one on bottom. Then shift them up and down.

Ohhh I thought she was talking about a transition… My bad… :grin::laughing:

Ah amazing thanks so much!!

No worries! thank you so much for helping anyway! It was so hard to put into words what I wanted.

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