How do you give credit?

Hey guys! So I want to give credit to my background characters at the end of every chapter. And I was wondering how do you guys give credit!? Do you @them on the speech bubble for narrator and ignore the errors on “spelling errors”…? or do you use readerMessage…?

Thank you in advance ((:

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Probably readers message.

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okay! Thank you ((:

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I just use the narrator thing. :slight_smile:

You could do the readerMessage so that it appears at the very top… but since it’s the end of the chapter it would make more sense to do it the Narr way. So this-

Credit to @Skkssksksshehvevebebe

and then readerMessage would be:

readerMessage @sksksskskskabab messageTitle Credit:


yeah that makes sense, So I just ignore the “spelling errors” right?

Spelling errors can be ignored yes. You’ll still be able to publish your story :joy:


Okay good! Thank you for letting me know! It’s my first time writing a story haha.

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