How do you make a character do a new animation while talking

I want a character to talk and while talking change the animation (the way she looks while talking). However I don’t know how to do it correctly so that I don’t get any errors.
Ex on error: Can’t have 1 character immediately following another.

You can do:

&CHARACTER is animation THEN CHARACTER is diffferentanimation

Your dialogue here.

Have you tried writing it as follows:

Tori (talk_sad)
I hate chocolate chip cookies,

Tori (talk_arms_crossed)
It is just too crunchy.

Is that what you meant?

yeah that’s what I tried in an dialogue but got an error. The only thing is that now it only says it’s an error on one of them not and not all of them.

Can you post a screenshot?

Is it that I wrote with Capital letters?

On line 9667 you need to either use . or ! in the end. Or change it to My school. Because you wrote it all in capital letters and the system thinks that this is a character :sweat_smile:

Ok, thank you! I’ll change it :smile:

No problem :wink: