How do you make your character run?


How do you make a character run? I’ve tried everything! I’ve tried @SUMMER walks to screen left AND SUMMER dose it while run_athletic_neutral_loop’ but it came up with ‘use @CHARACTER walks to x y z in s’ and I have no ideal what any of that means! Can you please help me?


Hi, is the character like running into the center of the background or what? And from which side?


@Summer walks to spot PLACE COORDINATES HERE and Summer does it while run_athleticloop


It wants you to use spot direction.
screen left is spot 1.280 60 0

@SUMMER walks to spot 1.280 60 0 and SUMMER does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop


With me it is:
@SUMMER walks to screen left AND SUMMER is run_athletic_neutral


Yeah, didn’t work for me and I don’t know why…


I think you need to do spot 1.280 60 0 instead of screen left


Okay, thank you for the help!


Yeah, it’s working now! (:slight_smile:




Im having a problem making my character run, can you please help?
I have,
@CHAR walks to upscreen right AND CHAR is run_casual
but i get an error saying,
Behavior run_casual doesn’t exists for character CHAR
Any ideas? I haven’t seen anyone with this problem.


If it’s male character that’s why. Behaviour run_casual it’s only available for female


Ohhhh thank you so much! A newbie like me wouldn’t have known!


No problem :slight_smile:️ If you have more questions just ask :slight_smile: