How to add props?

I already looked into the props forums and i’ve tried all of them. Yet, im still met with this error. HELP%20ME|543x219

Y’all help a sis out, please?

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to add props use @add Prop Name to CHARACTER

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To remove it’s:
@remove (Prop Name) from CHARACTER

Is the story style Limelight?

Check out this post: PROPS: how to use them

And read this:

Replace Prop Name with an actual prop that exists from the list and replace CHARACTER to your character’s name (the one’s whose holding the prop).

Even Episode talks about it here:

(And if you read the Episode guides, you’ll stumble across adding & removing props)

Good luck :wink: :black_heart:


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Yes it is

Doesn’t work :frowning: HELP%20ME

It didn’t work HELP%20ME

What is above that command?

Above that command is


I got Ria,... got my stuff (and Ria's stuff) and ran. I ran and ran and ran. Until I was out...


@ZARIYA stands screen left

    ZARIYA (cough)

@add Moving Box to ZARIYA

Im using lime light

If you want your character to do an animation without dialogue, the correct command is: @ZARIYA is cough

Hmm…thanks lemme try that and see if it’ll work! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! It worked I appreciate it a lot!

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