How to get a blurred background?

So I’ve been reading this story called “The New Girl” by Saige Mercer. The first episode was where you had to customize Jade, then a blurry background came up. It was like a transition from the original to a blurry background. Here is the picture of it so you know. I was thinking it was an overlay but I’m not sure. If it is an overlay please send me the overlay I’ve been dying to know how to do this for the intro of my story. Send me the blurry overlay (if it is) at my email Thanks!

How’s this? @pamelavalentinn

Yes, thank you very much for the background. But what I was thinking is the blurry overlay not the actual background but I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Just use it as a overlay then @pamelavalentinn

Hey Can u make me one?