How to make an art scene!

Hey guys! I wanted to know how to make an art scenes! If you wanna share with me, thank you so much!

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Do you mean apps?

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You just draw the art scene, then upload it the episode portal as a background (:

Some good programs for drawing art scenes are Ibis Paint X (Free) and Procreate (Paid)!

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Do we need apps to do them?

I like to use procreate on my iPad or my phone, a free alternative is ibispaint x

Thanks for the help!

Do you think it will be appropriate if I ask someone on the Episode Forums to do the art scenes for me?
Without a Commission!

I have heard it is better to upload as an overlay. :face_with_monocle:


If you find groups on Instagram they can do it without charge and it depends if you want it in the episode style but if you want realistic it is going to cost real money. They legally can’t charge you for it if it is the episode style.

As an overlay? Okay, I try to do it!

Do you know how to make the art scenes and covers?

To make art scenes and covers people usually draw them or edit them using episode characters. There are many art shops on the forum where you can request for whatever you need, there will be a form to fill out. Theres also some group on instagram that also do it. A lot of people request from other for these kinds of things. And then you take it and upload it as an overlay or a background

Personaly yes but usually you have to request it love but if you dm me on my ig episode_magda o could do it x

Sorry but no ig!

Ah yeah, for better quality if you zoom in